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Five Best Blogs: Another Report On Teacher Prep

Network-analysis-LA-lakers-625x50125 state chiefs get behind a new report, calling for more rigor in teacher prep via @Edsector ow.ly/gaUzL ALSO: Chiefs for Change Statement on CCSSO’s Teacher Preparation Report @excelined http://ow.ly/gaWm7

“Teach for America” aimed at San Diego  ow.ly/gaOz5 

RI 2nd grade Teacher Reads Resignation Letter Over School’s Obsession With Tests Taking ow.ly/ga8fr 

Right to work: A union battle whose time has passed - The Washington Post Steve Pearlstein ow.ly/ga89D

Diane Ravitch and the Long View of School Reform - Living in Dialogue - Education Week Teacher http://ow.ly/gaU2i 

Having grown readership by 1/3 to 70K/month & hosted events in '12, @gothamschools aims to add reporters & more in '13 ow.ly/gaey7

"The days when NEA stood far apart from the broader labor movement are gone." ow.ly/gaR75


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These Chiefs for Change have not yet demonstrated that they can meet the challenges associated with implementing the new, unfinished Common Core assessments, nor have they arranged for the production of the balanced set of standards in the multiple subject fields necessary to produce students who are genuinely "college and career ready" (as if that were an end we should be pursuing), and yet they now want to revise teacher preparation (which, admittedly, badly needs revising) as well? When one reads the report's section assessing the foreign competition in teacher preparation, sees how little they understand the systems they are writing about, and then investigates the academic background of the elected chief who is leading this initiative, concerns rapidly grow as to the intellectual and academic adequacy of this leadership that might allay the fear that here we have the blind leading the blind.

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