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AM News: Florida Releases Botched Teacher Eval Data

Florida botches release of new data on teacher evaluations TampaBayTimes: State officials late Wednesday said thousands of teachers were mistakenly double-counted because they had more than one "job code" in computerized records. 

Classes a la carte: States test a new school model Reuters: The model, now in practice or under consideration in states including Louisiana, Michigan, Arizona and Utah, allows students to build a custom curriculum by selecting from hundreds of classes offered by public institutions and private vendors.


Chicago misses out on Gates money Catalyst: Since 2010, 16 cities have signed “district-charter collaboration compacts” which have different stipulations, but generally entail an agreement to give charters the same funding as other schools. Of the 16 compact cities, seven received grants that were announced today.

Standoff between Buffalo teachers union and school district imperils millions The Buffalo News: An appeals court has set April 1 as the date it will hear the Buffalo Public Schools’ appeal of the teacher transfer case, and unless the teachers union and district officials radically change their stances, city schools will lose $33.4 million in state aid. 

Pre-K on the Range The AmericanProspect: Even with budgetary challenges, Georgia, Arkansas, and West Virginia have all managed to create high-quality pre-kindergarten programs with strong enrollment over the past few years. But it is [...], Oklahoma, that offers the single best example of how preschool can work when it’s done well.

Five Unanswered Questions About District Race to the Top PoliticsK12: In a matter of weeks, we'll know which districts are sharing $400 million in the latest Race to the Top competition, which targets the district level. But in the meantime, there are a lot of unanswered questions about this contest.

Startups Target Teachers as 'Consumerization' of Education Emerges EdWeek: Many education companies are changing how they market and sell their products. Nationwide sales teams and central-office visits are giving way to word-of-mouth and sophisticated business-intelligence software as preferred methods for pushing adoption. 


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Ugh, I can't believe this nonsense. Schools are losing too much as it is!

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