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Morning Video: These Dogs Will Teach You Chemistry

Via Wonkblog

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That's nice. Can you imagine that over half of the 15-16 year-olds I teach don't really know what "opposites attract" means?

They've all experienced magnetism, but haven't held two strong magnets in their own hands and felt the force between them. I'm sure they'd rather watch cute dogs than read dry text, but nothing will replace interaction with the physical world. Without that, the trained dogs are just following orders.

This is a great way to get a viewing of how a Chemical bond works. A lot of students need visuals in how certain things work and this is a perfect example of a phyical visual. This Visual could really be helpful to those that struggle in this subject.

I'm terrible at chemistry and for anyone to have a simple explanation to bonds it does nothing but help. The visual aid makes the lesson seem obvious. I think more teachers should use this way.

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