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Morning Video: Brookings Choice Event Feat. Bobby Jindal


Here's the 90-minute video from Tuesday's Brookings event, and a link to highights.


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I am reminded of what Margaret Thatcher told Ronald Reagan after first meeting Mikhail Gorbachev: "This is someone we can work with." I can't agree with everything here, but he made a better speech than the good speech Jeb Bush made recently at his Foundation for Educational Excellence conference in Washington, D.C.

I would like to meet Governor Jindal in the near future, as it appears New Orleans is more open, politically speaking, to innovative charter school models than California has become. In my home state, once a leader making headlines in educational innovation, a hardened orthodoxy of leading CMOs has become a new establishment. They believe that they have figured out what is really required to save American education; but superior ghetto schools will not solve America's problems.

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