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Thompson: Why a North Carolina Teacher Quit

Hit the wallDiane Ravitch blogs that a recent letter by a North Carolina teacher, Kris Neilson, went viral.  “I Quit” received 130,000 hits. Neilson admitted, “I’ve hit a wall.”  The popularity of the post is due to the number of us who have experienced the indignities that he recounts.  Who among us has not been mortified by “Orientation,” where our new bosses made sure we knew their rules, and the nature of the compliance that was expected? Who has not had his fill of the top-down hierarchy detached from the classrooms? Too many of us are tired of being told what to do by people who have never taught a class where 50% of the students have IEPs.  Like Neilson, we’re appalled at the way our students are treated like prisoners and humiliated by nonstop testing. We are tired of our coworkers being treated like ‘untrustworthy slackers.” Neilson quit as hordes of teachers “are being cowed into meeting expectations and standards that are not conducive to their children’s futures.” Today, his protest went viral.  How long before his decision to quit goes equally viral?-JT(@drjohnthompson)Image via.


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