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Thompson: Using Technology to Teach Proper Class Behavior

MarketplaceSpeaking of PBIS:  On NPR, Marketplace's Amy Scott reports on Class Dojo, a digital system for helping teach kids how to behave in class (Keeping Tabs on Kids' Behavior).  The data system helps teachers catch students being good. They award points for paying attention, helping their classmates or demonstrating persistence. The mobile system allows for “Positive, consistent reinforcement [which] actually improves behavior.” Doug Lemov, the author of Teach Like a Champion, agrees that students need a system for fairly and consistently tracking of behavior fairly and consistently. But Lemov says technology can only do so much and the key is human interaction. Class Dojo doesn't sound like the behavior management approach that I would prefer for my high school students.  But, it looks promising and it is one of many methods that should be tried. -JT(@drjohnthompson) Image via.


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