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Thompson: A Lifetime Educator's Advice On Engagement

Deborah-MeierThe best approach for “bridging differences” and improving schools may be found in Deborah Meier's Education Week post, “We’re Ready for Battle.” Meier believes that purpose of school reform must be “a respectful and open-minded culture” where the various stakeholders are “accustomed to looking each other in the eye.” But, she reminds us that "’You can only win at the negotiating table what you have won on the battlefield.’"  Meier agrees with Pedro Noguera (who is now her discussion partner at Bridging Differences) that  equity must be the center of reform, and that requires us to be part of the process.  Even if we are invited, which she adds is no sure thing, educators should not try to join "their" table until we establish our credibility in fighting for our beliefs.-JT(@drjohnthompson) Image via.  



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I believe everybody should be very respectful. You should be able to go to school with people with different skin color.

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