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Reform: War On Drugs = War On Schools?

Screen shot 2012-11-29 at 12.42.51 PMI'm not generally conspiracy-minded or even mildly persuaded by the folks who say that there's some sort of war on teachers going on in America today, or even a war on teachers. But I have to admit that there were some chilling moments for me watching last night's Charlie Rose segment on the war on drugs, including a clip of David Simon explaining the financial incentives that skew the attentions of street cops and police departments towards drug arrests and another segment in which one of Rose's guests describing how the Southern Strategy (get tough on crime, disparate enforcement and punishments for certain crimes) became so popular that Democratic lawmakers starting espousing it along with the Republicans and working-class Southern whites for which it was originally intended. 

Only now, 40 years later, are they realizing what a mess they created.  Click here.  It's the final segment. Andrew Solomon was also on, and addressed the Horace Mann sex scandal that came out last winter.


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