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Morning Video: Student Won't Wear School Tracking Device

A Texas high school student who was being expelled from her magnet program for refusing to wear a location-identifying RFID card has been granted a temporary reprieve.  Via 

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I understand the privacy concerns, but it is interesting how quickly the report glanced past the issue that (apparently) kids (and parents?) at these schools don't see regular attendance as a big part of their commitment to public education.

One wonders if such ID tracking devices would be necessary at a smaller school with more intimate relationships. If middle schoolers, for example, were using a homeroom system, as is common in east Asia and some other countries, in which the teachers rather than the students change classes between periods, and if the classes were smaller (say 15), the sudden absence of a student would be quickly noted. One wonders if the poor attendance at these schools is not somehow related to poor relationships between the adults and the students, likely to be made worse by these tracking devices. Our large comprehensive secondary schools, which replaced smaller schools in the middle of the 20th century, were intended for another, possibly more compliant population, and are not working well in most of our urban neighborhoods.

I understand that the school is big but putting a tracking devise on students is a bit too much. Even kids deserve their own privacy. What are they going to do when the kids go home,thats violating their space, and the school district can get sewed.

The school making it manadatory to wear these "ID Tracking Devices" is a complete invasion of privacy. I could understand if the id's were only active during school hours but they are working at all times and tracking everything that these students do. There are way more con's than pro's to this new rule i think all adds up to the school wanting more control and power over the student body

I understand that the school system wants the students to safely attend school but a tracking device is a bit too much. I feel that tracking students’ wont necessarily make them come to school. If anything, they might stop coming to school under fear of being watched. I also feel that students are entitled to privacy which means no tracking devices unless they can turn them off when they want to or whenever they leave campus.

The idea that this will bring a rise on attendance is laughable. An I.D. that students wear around their necks...come on, students are a bit more smarter than the district gives them credit for. But if they really care about the students' future then all they have to do is inform the parents and leave it at that.

I see a lot of loop holes. Couldn't kids give their devices to other students to cover for them.

Funny how this is a personal issue but the first day a student is missing from school and the child can't be found those same parents would be wondering why the school didn't know exactly where their child is. You can't have it both ways. Also who do they think the money is for? The attendance issue is a huge one. The teachers and staff, a/c and programs to help the kids all have to be paid. That money would only help the children in the long run. I can't understand why any parent wouldn't want the school to have as much money as they can for their programs that in the end help the kids. If they don't like this solution then the parents whose kids are absent often from classes need to come up with a better solution.

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