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Five Best Blogs: Las Vegas Self-Reports Happy News

Hey, this new "rate yourself" program is great, says Clark County Nevada school system  ow.ly/fIYMk

These state veto / lame duck sessions are full of ed reform bits -- IL earlier this week, MI here #5bbow.ly/fJ223

Krugman: Class Wars of 2012 - NYTimes.com #5bb via @atlanticwire ow.ly/fIWtB

Wild times in the Michigan veto session #5bb via Daily Kos :ow.ly/1PRyGz

Online schools spend millions to attract studentsow.ly/fGUQw @gtoppo #5bb OK, interesting, but how much do district schools spend?

LA Unified 'could do more' to improve its handling of child abuse reports, says state audit released today @latams #5bb ow.ly/fGIP5


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Marketing is not something that happens at district schools, because they get default assignments. My district, San Francisco Unified, is all choice, so it DOES make sense to do marketing. But that doesn't compute to the school district. It's not part of the educator mindset. And there's no reason whatsoever to market if your schools fill up by default.

Rate yourself? For little kids in school? Sounds like a sham.

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