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Five Best Blogs: Free The 61 RTTT-D Finalist Applications!

Down from 1200 RTTD applications to 61 RTTD finalistsow.ly/fBdC8 Anyone know what they proposed, or what the reviews/scores were? [USDE won't say]

Valerie Strauss disapproves of KIPP's efforts to get colleges to recruit & support graduates ow.ly/fCZa9 #5bb Calling Joanne Barkan

NYT columnist Nocera proposes @rweingarten for EdSec, much like Steve Brill proposed her for Chancellor in NYC ow.ly/fC1k8 

Twilight of the EdReformers - Katie's Ramblings @katieO #5bb ow.ly/fCchK

Schools Head Finds a Formula WSJ ow.ly/1PLvf4

NJ editor wins school board seat with 24-hour FB campaign then realizes - doh! -- he can't serve @romenesko #5bb ow.ly/fCouz


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The U.S. DOE could use a fresh change of direction, and Randi Weingarten would probably represent an improvement, particularly if we can get her to move a little faster in the reform direction. This is particularly true if she can work with Representative Kline and Senator Harkin, since the Elementary and Secondary Education Act's reauthorization is long overdue, and its reauthorization represents an opportunity to correct some of the mistakes of the past. Whether she is in the administration or not, I hope she can work with these two congressional leaders on this reauthorization; and if Jerry Brown, a "reformed reformer" (a description I like), can bring California to the table, they might collectively be able to stop the current movement to grade teachers on the basis of someone else's work.

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