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AM News: Winners of Innovation Contest Must Secure Matching Funds

20 Districts, Nonprofits Set to Share $150 Million in New i3 Awards PoliticsK12: Twenty winners are slated to share $150 million in prize money from the third round of the i3 competition, the U.S. Department of Education just announced.


Obama Education Policy: Second Term Direction Still Not Clear HuffPostEdu: His rhetoric toward teachers was tough during his first term, but softened as reelection approached. So which Obama will we see? It's a question teachers are asking, with some hoping to see a course correction.

Federal Data Show Teachers More Likely to Juggle Multiple Jobs InsideSchools: In the midst of a continuing recession, beginning K-12 teachers are considerably more likely to be working multiple jobs, according to new data from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Surveys Gauge Generational Divide in Teaching EdWeek: Newer teachers are more likely than their veteran counterparts to support such controversial education policy changes as using student growth in teacher evaluations, differentiating pay based on performance, and decreasing tenure protections, according to the findings from two recent national surveys.

D.C. releases high school graduation rates EdWeek: The District’s citywide average masks a big difference between its two school sectors. D.C. Public Schools ticked up three points to 56 percent this year. Meanwhile, public charter schools’ average graduation rate fell slightly but, at 77 percent, remains quite a bit higher than DCPS. Chancellor Kaya Henderson said the two systems can’t be fairly compared. 


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