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AM News: TFA Launches Veterans Recruitment Program

TFA Launches Veterans Recruitment Initiative HuffPostEdu: After pledging to expand outreach efforts, Teach For America has announced its first veterans recruitment initiative.“You Served For America, Now Teach For America” aims to bring top military professionals into the country’s highest-need classrooms by partnering with branches of the military and veterans’ organizations. 


Chicago Teachers union marches against school closings ChicagoTribune: As it girds for a battle over school closings, the Chicago Teachers Union is adhering to the strategy it employed during the September strike by framing the fight as one pitting regular Joes from the neighborhood against elitist big-money interests.

New York City Unions Waiting Out Mayor's Term WSJ: For the first time since the fiscal crisis of the 1970s, every New York City public-employee union—all 152 bargaining units—is working without a contract.The situation is symbolic of the frosty turn Mayor Michael Bloomberg's relationship with organized labor has taken since he began his third term in 2010.

International Students Recruited More Heavily At U.S. Colleges: 2012 Open Doors Study AP: New figures out Monday show international enrollment at U.S. colleges and universities grew nearly 6 percent last year, driven by a 23-percent increase from China, even as total enrollment was leveling out. But perhaps more revealing is where much of the growth is concentrated: big, public land-grant colleges, notably in the Midwest.

Ethnic Studies Could Return to Tucson in Desegregation Plan LearningtheLanguage: The new plan—intended to bring "unitary status" to Tucson Unified—involves numerous, highly prescribed components related to student assignment, transportation, enhancing the racial and ethnic diversity of its workforce, access to rigorous curriculum and programs, family and community engagement, dropout prevention, and discipline practices.

Firestorm Erupts Over Virginia's Education Goals NPR: As part of Virginia's waiver to opt out of mandates set out in the No Child Left Behind law, the state has created a controversial new set of education goals that are higher for white and Asian kids than for blacks, Latinos and students with disabilities.


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Listening to and reading the stories on international students at Midwestern colleges, Virginia's education goals, and the Chicago Teachers Union reminds me of the importance of culture in educational success. The book I recommend is "No Excuses", by Stephen and Abigail Thernstrom, which is in turn dedicated to Thomas Sowell, who wrote a great series of books on cultures around the world in the 1990s. The heroes of the Chinese students pouring into the Midwestern colleges valued studying, sometimes above all else; the heroes of the leaders protesting Virginia's education goals and Chicago's school closings were civil rights protesters and community organizers. In an era of global competition, groups are unequally prepared for that competition, and will employ differing strategies to best advantage their groups; but some are far more likely to be successful than others.

TFA is going great!This will give the skills and life experience one need to be successful in any career path.There will be numerous opportunities for professional development...There are many pros of this like its almost unparalleled network of educators and education professionals.

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