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AM News: Romney & Obama Make Final Education Pitches

Mitt Romney Makes Education Pitch In Final Days Before Election HuffPostEdu: That appears to have changed in the final 72 hours leading up to the election, with Romney incorporating a few key lines on education into his "closing argument" speech in a last-minute bid to sway votes from women and Latinos -- voters who prioritize education but have favored Obama throughout the presidential race.


Respite on Ed. Issues Unlikely for Election Winners EdWeek: Even as federal policymakers sort out the political landscape, the remainder of 2012 and the early months of 2013 are likely to be dominated by divisive, unresolved issues with broad consequences for K-12 and higher education—some of which require immediate action.

Funders Set New Round of Support for STEM Teachers EdWeek: A national network is launching a second “innovation fund” with a goal of raising $20 million to support what it calls entrepreneurial approaches to bringing more high-quality teachers into the STEM disciplines. 

Fresno teachers union lets district apply for federal grant LATimes: After a marathon debate, the Fresno teachers union agreed to endorse its school district's application for a federal grant that would require controversial changes in instructor evaluations. The Fresno Teachers Assn. became one of the few teachers unions in California to back a school district's proposal for a federal Race to the Top grant, signing off on it just before 2 a.m. Friday.

Back to School, Bundled Up, but With Lingering Questions NYTimes: Students at the 57 New York City schools that cannot reopen will not relocate to their new schools until Wednesday. Sixteen schools in the eight buildings that have doubled as shelters were supposed to reopen Monday, but that date got bumped back two days after Department of Education officials toured the sites.

They're Furry And Furious: Puppets Protest At The U.S. Capitol NPR: Despite the abundance of other news around the nation, the protest's organizers are still hopeful that their efforts will increase awareness of the importance of federal funding for public television and public radio.


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