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AM News: Charter Schools Now Enroll 2M Nationwide

Enrollment in Charter Schools Is Increasing NYT: Between 2010-11 and 2011-12, the number of students in charter schools increased close to 13 percent, to just over two million.


20 D.C. schools targeted for closure WashingtonPost: One in six traditional D.C. public schools is targeted for closure under a plan put forth Tuesday by Chancellor Kaya Henderson.

George Lucas' Promise to Invest in Education Prompts Speculation EdWeek: George Lucas' announcement that a majority of the proceeds from the sale of his film company will be funneled into education philanthropy has sparked speculation among educators about where the new influx of money might be directed.

Fiscal Cliff Cheat Sheet: 10 Frequently Asked Questions PoliticsK12: Almost as soon as President Barack Obama was re-elected, the coming fiscal cliff took center stage. Lawmakers and the Obama administration are supposed to solve the problem in a planned "lame-duck" session of Congress, which starts today.

Preschool Education Deserves Expansion, Investment: National Education Policy Center Brief HuffPostEdu: In a brief released Tueday, National Education Policy Center managing director Dr. William Mathis urges policymakers to invest in high-quality preschool education, citing its universally acknowledged economic and social benefits.


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