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Thompson: Military Metaphor Makes Data Obsession Clear


What were they thinking when they declared war on teachers in order to supposedly help kids?

Lawrence Baines's Education Week Commentary, "What If We Brought Education Reform to the Military?," suggested satirically that, "An infantryman in Afghanistan, outnumbered by well-armed terrorists, who fails to accomplish the mission should receive a deduction in pay. An accountant stationed in Honolulu, who balances the payroll, thereby accomplishing his mission, should get a raise. ... There are no excuses."

I loved Baine's article, but not being a veteran, I do not use combat metaphors when describing inner city schools.  Even at the height of our school's gang violence, I did not write about my morbid estimate of the number of classmates that my students buried.  Reentering the classroom, I have become even more of a peacenik. I am reminded that deescalating conflict is job #1 in the inner city. I am even more dismayed that the data-lovers took such a belligerent approach to improving schools. - JT(@drjohnthompson)Image via.



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article is good

Umm, you say you don't use combat metaphors but you identify a war on teachers in your first sentence? And whoever "data lovers" are, what have they got to do with violence in your school and a war on teachers? You say so many random things I wonder if your perspective is really as clear as you think.

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