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Five Best Blogs: There Are Never Just Five Of Them

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Violence in Libya saved Obama from intense media scrutiny over Chicago strike, notes Rick Hessow.ly/dSd4c 
The Chicago strike’s silver lining ow.ly/dSciKWinning ugly reminds us of unions' ugly underbelly, argues Checker Finn 
Karen Lewis for AFT President? Numbers Don’t Add Up | Intercepts ow.ly/dSc2Z
This segment is OK ow.ly/dRxb2 but I really want video of the full Bruce Rauner union rant the Trib described...
The Schoolmaster - Dana Goldstein - The Atlanticow.ly/dSce8 
YES Prep joins KIPP in publishing its (40 pct) college success data, notes Mike Goldstein - plus some other stuff ow.ly/dSc5Q
Victoria Walker, 11-Year-Old, Wins $20,000 At AT&T Hackathon For 'Rode Dog' App ow.ly/dREen
Government School PR Group Hammers “Won’t Back Down” Movie - Kyle Olson - Page 1 ow.ly/dRrZo

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Perhaps we should also follow the money funding that "government school PR group" hammering "Won't Back Down". One wonders if these are taxpayer dollars being misallocated to support a self-serving monopolistic agenda, or if they were privately raised. Better than any side spending its money on spin doctors like the authors of the quoted messages would be to spend the money on schools competing to serve students best by means of performances in classrooms on campus, rather than through media manipulation intended to inoculate against the potential independent judgements of movie-going citizens and taxpayers. There is a curious irony here: most schools at least pay lip service to having students learn to think independently and critically; why should this PR group fear that the viewers of "Won't Back Down" may do precisely that?

I actually found a topic through one of these blogs about the best educational apps for kids. I did some research and found something that was almost fate. I was about to take my daughter to her first swimming lesson and I found an app that teaches children how to swim! It was actually quite effective too. Just thought I would share.

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