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Listening: Ira Glass, Paul Tough, Alex Kotlowitz - How Can You Resist?

image from www.thisamericanlife.orgIf you're like me and you've been hearing about but haven't yet actually listened to it, it's not too late.  Here's the most recent This American Life, called Back to School.

The episode "turn[s] away from questions about politics and unions and money and all the regular school stuff people argue about, and turn to something more optimistic." 

The lineup includes Ira Glass (host), Alex Kotlowitz (There Are No Children Here), Paul Tough, James Heckman, Nadine Burke Harris, and a teenager named Kewauna Lerma -- plus a soundtrack that includes "You Don't Learn That In School" by Louis Armstrong.


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absolutely have been hearing all about this.

Question for diligent readers of TWIE is whether they will really learn anything new?

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