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Morning Video: School Reform 3.0 In New Jersey

Watching Derrell Bradford -- here talking for 2:48 about "school reform, 3.0" at AEI on Tuesday  -- is always fun, if only for the thrill of seeing if he can complete the thoughts tumbling out without losing track (or cracking himself up): 

Stylistics aside, Bradford and New Jersey reformers are notable for their SuperPAC, their partnership with StudentsFirst, and their willingness to cross the Democratic voucher divide. He's your worst nightmare -- a black man with a super PAC.  Previous Bradford-themed posts:  No One Can Handle Derrell BradfordNotes From Yale SOM 2011.


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“He's your worst nightmare -- a black man with a super PAC.” Herman Cain, by that standard was my worst nightmare, eh? I do see your point, PACs have been, largely, the property of rich, white men.

Derrell Bradford is one of the greatest assets of the ed reform movement. I'd say he is the best kept secret of the movement but he should never remain quiet or behind the scenes.

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