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AM News: Obama Wins PDK/Gallup Poll

News2Obama Pushes Contrast on Education in Ohio AP:  President Obama touts his education policy, contrasting his budget proposal to GOP vice presidential pick Paul Ryan.

Education Pundits Parse the PDK/Gallup Poll PoliticsK12: A poll released by Phi Delta Kappa and Gallup today reveals that while presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney gets the nod on the topic of public education among those identifying themselves as independents, President Barack Obama takes the lead among respondents overall. 

College-Bound Latino Students At New High NPR: More Latino students are enrolling in college now than ever before, according to a report by the Pew Hispanic Center. But Latinos still lag behind other groups in preparing for and completing college. Guest host Viviana Hurtado discusses the report's findings with Richard Fry of the Pew Hispanic Center and the College Board's Jim Montoya.

Sides dig in as Chicago teachers strike looms AP:  Teachers picketed outside a district office Wednesday in the shadow of a giant inflatable rat as school board members inside authorized spending $25 million in the event of the first Chicago teacher strike in a quarter-century....

Fla. Students Struggle Without Summer School NPR:  The school year has begun for most Florida students, but some are still trying to finish summer school. After years of budget cuts, many districts have eliminated or cut back summer school classes, leaving online school as the only option for students trying to make up courses they failed. Many have struggled with the online format and are entering the new school year still behind.

'Undroppable' puts focus on at-risk students USA Today: The film is part of a campaign to raise awareness about students failing to graduate from high school.

Head Start To Absentee Dads: Please Come Back NPR:  A Head Start program in New Haven, Conn., is trying to get absentee fathers back into the parenting game. The program offers parenting classes in the hopes that even men with troubled lives can find redemption by connecting with their children.

Year-Round School Commits to Students from Middle School to Last Day of College PBS: Tonight, we head across the country to Seattle. A nonprofit group there runs a year-round program which aims even higher: to college graduation.Our report is part of our American Graduate series, and we turn again to Hari Sreenivasan.

Special Education Trade Group Calls for More Audits in New York State NYT: As evidence mounts of rampant abuse in the state system, some contractors have come out with their own proposals to root out malfeasance.

School vouchers make a comeback, stir concerns about quality Hechinger Report: About 5,600 students and 119 private schools will participate in Louisiana’s new statewide voucher program this fall.

Special needs kids staying in traditional schools AP:  The high cost of educating students with special needs is disproportionately falling on traditional public schools as other students increasingly opt for alternatives that aren't always readily open to those requiring special education....


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How is Florida establishing a fair system? They’re putting children without Internet at an obvious disadvantage. Budget cuts do have to be made, but they shouldn’t hurt those who genuinely need help.

It’s not going to honestly be hard to run against Ryan on any ticket. I’m honestly stunned Romney picked him. The man’s just not popular outside of the far-right sphere he occupies. It was a clear move to appeal to a very specific group, one I’m not sure Romney thought through.

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