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AM News: Harkin Bill Pulls Funds from For-Profit Colleges

Harkin "Protecting Students From Worthless Degree Act" Pulls Financial Aid From Programs That Lack Accreditation Hechinger Report: No federal financial aid, including veterans benefits, would go to programs that lack the accreditation needed for students to take licensing exams needed for jobs in their fields of study.

AMNewsMass. Moves on ELL Training for Regular Teachers EdWeek: Under pressure from federal civil rights officials to improve schooling for English-language learners, education leaders in Massachusetts are forging ahead with major changes that will require intensive training for thousands of academic-content teachers with ELLs in their classrooms.

Rebuilding America's Classrooms EducationNation: Parade Magazine's Maggie Murphy looks at two communities who fixed their schools and explains what the rest of the country can learn from them.

District school is aiming to expand as a charter school GothamSchools: After failing to interest city officials in allowing him to open a second school, Waronker is looking outside the Department of Education to fulfill his expansion ambitions. He has asked the state for permission to open The New American Academy Charter School next year.


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Not sure how much I feel about the Harkin Bill. It seems to kill student choice, at a basic level, but for a good cause, on paper, anyway.

And obviously there’s a lot to learn from communities that single-handedly rebuilt their schools. It’s remarkable how little our delightful government seems to take success stories into consideration when reforming, or assisting in reform of, communities.

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