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AM News: Criticism Of Unions Gets Big Tampa Applause


Teachers Unions, Federal Spending Slammed at GOP Convention PK12: The Republicans offered up a hurricane* of tough talk Tuesday night—including battering President Barack Obama and teachers unions—as they hailed Mitt Romney as their newly nominated candidate for president.

Mojave Desert parents go back to court over charter school issue Los Angeles Times: In a continuing legal battle over the state's parent-trigger law, Mojave Desert parents asked the courts Tuesday to order the Adelanto school board to stop blocking their efforts to select a charter school to take over their failing campus. 

Perry Hall High student charged as adult in cafeteria shooting Baltimore Sun: Portrait of alleged shooter emerges as withdrawn, bullied and with troubled home life

Report: CPS teachers to file strike notice Wednesday ABC7Chicago: Chicago Public Schools teachers will file a strike notice Wednesday, according to published reports, which means they could walk out in 10 days. Filing a notice does not automatically mean teachers will walk out.

*Oh yes, they did.

What Are the Top Reasons Kids Cut School?Huffington Post: Two years ago, advocates and experts funded partially by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation formed the "Get Schooled" foundation to raise awareness about chronic absenteeism, and to stress to families and students the importance of attending school consistently. Chronic absenteeism -- defined as missing at least 10 percent of all school days -- is prevalent among high-poverty students, but common among all racial and socioeconomic groups.

Newest Young Immigrants Get a Head Start on School NYT: The Refugee Youth Summer Academy program helps dozens of recently arrived children, many from families of refugees, prepare to enter the school system.

Should Anything Be Done To Integrate Schools? NPR:  Integration efforts, from busing children out of district to opening charter schools, have proven controversial. David Karp, author of Kids Firstand Sheryll Cashin, author of The Failures of Integration discuss why some schools are segregated and what, if anything, should be done about it.

Recess in schools Slate: How do you introduce recess to kids who have never left the classroom?


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I hope the courts rule in the Mojave parents’ favor... it’s a little ridiculous how far the district’s carried things. Just because they’re parents does not mean they have no stake in education.

I think introducing recess to kids would be spectacularly simple. At the very base root of a child is the urge to run around and have fun. With some toys/playground equipment (you can get grants to pay for great equipment, our local school put in two huge playgrounds through grants), I can't see any kid not wanting to get up and move around.

Great day for blogs! And I see the media has, as I predicted/hoped wouldn’t happen, played up another shooting... I wonder if they realize the media attention is often what these individuals crave. What does it really accomplish? Public fear and distrust of the education environs.

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