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Charts: The Union Spending That Reform Critics Want To Ignore

Here's a chart from the CT Mirror showing how the non-nion spending on education advocacy (in red) has gone up, and in 2010 advocates outspent unions by a good chunk, but it's not like it's ever been an unfair fight in terms of dollars:  

image from scholasticadministrator.typepad.com

Reform critics are not just helpless parents and teachers crying in the wilderness, though sometimes they seem to believe that is so.


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The idea that if you oppose the over-reliance on testing you are not for educational reform is ludicrous.

Many teachers, parents, and students all want to reform education. They just do not support accountability and/or market based reforms.

In fact many would suggest that reducing our reliance on assessments, which cost hundreds of millions and tell us what we already know (rich kids do better than poor kids) is the most meaningful reform we can make.

Please stop lumping anyone who would criticize an increase roll for assessments as reform critics or protectors of the status quo. It simply is not true.

What I come away with is that spending has increased by a disturbing amount. It looks like almost a 1000% increase from 2009 to 2012.

Are you trying to say that all critics of education "reform" are affiliated or in lockstep with unions?

You decry the black/white polarization of the Ed reform debate, yet that's precisely how you cast it in your blog repeatedly.

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