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Logos: Harmony Logo Reminds Me Of Something

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Three Harmony charter public schools are on the new USNews list of best high schools -- happy Charter Schools Week, everyone -- and the Harmony logo reminds me of something I'd seen before....  I'm just not sure what it is.  Best Western? IHOP?  Hampton Inn?  

PS:  Having charter school week the same week as teacher appreciation week is either brilliant or awkward.  Not sure which.


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These are Gulen schools, just for everyone's edification. The followers of Fethullah Gulen run the largest chain of charter schools in the U.S., though the fact that it's a chain is semi-covert.



really nice written really interesting

Looks a lot like IHOP’s logo to me. Which has either made me hungry, or nauseous thinking of the grease involved, I can’t decide.

And Charter Schools have a week honoring them now? Hopefully it doesn’t overshadow teacher appreciation week.

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