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Media: Education Writers Who Have Won Nieman Fellowships

Tumblr_m2zpxh5l5z1qz6f9yo1_500The Nieman Fellowship is a big deal among journalists, and this year's crop doesn't include any education writers.  But that doesn't mean they haven't won in the past.  

Past winners, according to an informal ask-around, include Philadelphia's Dale Mezzacappa, Chicago's Lori Olszewski, Newport News' Cathy Grimes, Oregon's Bill Graves, and EdWeek founder Martha Matzke.  

Any of these wrong?  Anyone I missed?  Let me know.  


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Joshua Benton, formerly at the Dallas Morning News and the founding director of the Nieman Journalism Lab.

Shame to see this year’s winners don’t include any education writers. I don’t think, other than the one Adam mentioned, you missed anybody.

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