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AM News: NJ Gov. Calls Democrats Out On Reform

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Christie says education reform is led by GOP Yahoo! News: Christie said it was "ironic" that he, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana—all Republicans—were the only national political leaders to address the conference. 

Education websites awarded Webbys CNN: Khan Academy took the top prize for education at this year's Webby Awards, the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences announced on Tuesday.

Center on Education Policy Joins George Washington University Politics K12:  Since its founding, CEP has put out some blockbuster research—including this report questioning the administrations dire prediction that 82 percent of schools would fail to make Adequate Yearly Progress or AYP.

Why Is Special Education Suffering? California Watch via HuffPost: After failing for the eighth straight year to meet service delivery targets for special education, Los Angeles Unified School District has begun interviewing staff to understand why records indicate thousands of students with disabilities are not receiving their prescribed services.

AP: Privatization an issue in Conn. education bill AP via Boston.com: The prospect of greater privatization of Connecticut schools has emerged as a hurdle in closed-door negotiations over Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's proposals to overhaul public education.


What Is Being Done to Improve Parent Involvement? NYT: A parent coordinator writes: These days there is a lot of emphasis on school accountability and teacher accountability. But who is paying attention to parent accountability and finding ways to help parents become more involved? "Someone is always talking, measuring, criticizing -- but not solving," she writes.

Displaced Miramonte teachers recount their hurt and anger LAT: At least 40 teachers and other staffers rally outside the South L.A. campus they were reassigned to following the arrests of two teachers on lewd conduct charges.

Principal urges state ed chief to take standardized tests to see problems with exams Washington Post: A New York school principal is urging the state’s education commissioner to review the standardized math assessments recently given to students in grades 3-5 because of a host of serious problems with their design. In a powerful letter, she also told him to take the tests to see the problems for himself.



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That's so interesting about Christie's remarks. Actually, of course, we Democrats who recognize that that the currently faddish package of so-called education "reforms" is aimed at destroying and privatizing public education are chronically dismayed and outraged at the widespread Democratic support for it.

Here in the SF Bay Area (where the New Schools Vulture Fund is currently holding its big meeting), Rep. George Miller has strong liberal credentials in every other way, yet is a key leader in the destructive right-wing education "reform" movement. It would be great if Christie were right and Democrats were seeing the light and rejecting these harmful fads.

Well, honestly, I get the feeling a lot of the sentiment from Congress, regardless of party, is one of a general “oh, we haven’t really done much these past few years, and it’s reelection season, QUICK LET’S GET ISSUES OUT OF THE WAY”.

Unfortunately, this has led to few little actually being looked at seriously. Neither side is taking education reform as seriously as they should, as evidenced by Republicans’ haphazard, destructive plans, and Democrats’ willingness to look the other way, for the most part.

Christie’s totally correct in thinking that it makes little sense for the Democratic party to promote education “reform”.

The final article is brilliant as well. I have often doubted that the people writing standardized tests actually do serious research into how their tests prove learning, or even take the tests themselves. I'd love to see some of my former high school administrators and superintendents have to take these exams. I doubt many of them would pass.

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