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Think Tanks: Colvin Leaves / Is Let Go From Ed Sector

Tumblr_m1y4pnHHKz1qz7lxdo1_500As those of you on Twitter have known since yesterday, Richard Lee Colvin is no longer heading Education Sector.  That much is confirmed.  

But when exactly he left, and whether he left on his own or was shown the door is something no one knows or is willing to say.  

So far, at least, all Ed Sector will say is "leadership transition."  All Colvin will say is to talk to Ed Sector.  

Colvin surprised many by leaving the Hechinger Institute in early 2010 to take the job.  He'd only recently launched a new effort there to provide research and reporting for major news outlets.  

The Ed Sector job had been open for over a year following the similarly murky departures of co-founders Tom Toch and Andy Rotherham.  Conventional wisdom is that Toch and Rotherham had a falling out, but neither has commented.  

EdSector has promised a press release of some kind, though I'm guessing it won't say much.  It's possible there's a nondisclosure agreement involved, along with some type of severance agreement.  Or it could be something entirely different.  

EdSector isn't the only outfit to struggle with leadership issues lately.  The National Alliance of Public Charter Schools recently replaced Nelson Smith with Peter Groff, who only lasted a little while before he also moved on.  An interim has been named there while the Alliance goes through a search.  


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FYI, Colvin left Hechinger in early 2011, not early 2010.

Can Richard buy his soul back?

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