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Media: Districts Hire Social Media Directors To Quash Rumors

34285_4908c996555efca846340e4550f2ddd0_5c54ee7c565e1d22f4412805bfbd3cdbDoes your district (or CMO) have a social media person yet?  It soon will, according to this Government and Technology article (Social Media Directors are Finding a Place): "From the White House to New York City to small cities and counties, people are being hired to focus on how social media strategies and efforts can best be used by government to interact with the public."  

But having a social media director doesn't necessarily mean things always go smoothly. The presence of a social media director (Stephanie Abrams) didn't prevent the LA Times and Drudge and several other outlets from passing along a false rumor about LAUSD . KPPC has that story here: LAUSD proposes to eliminate Ds as passing grades.


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My old high school would benefit from a social media expert. Our former vice principal took over as principal and from what I hear the school's friendly atmosphere plummeted. Rumors have been flying and the officials have done nothing to either dispute them or confirm upcoming changes. One if the biggest is that they want to have some school days start at almost 9am, and other days school will start at 7:30. There are no buses, so parents have to now adjust work schedules to get their kids to the school for 9am, for many families where both parents work, that's a scheduling nightmare. As a result, even before the rumor is confirmed, many parents have opted to send their teen elsewhere.

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