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Reform: ALEC Joins Gates In Making A Mini-Retreat

image from www.emersonkent.comLast week, the Gates Foundation announced that it would not give any additional funding to ALEC, the controversial "legislative exchange" that some are blaming for laws like Florida's "stand your ground" statutue, but wouldn't withhold or ask for the return of any of the $377,000 it granted.  See previous post:  Gates Reverses On Risky "ALEC" Bet

This week, ALEC announced that it would stop advocating on public safety and elections and focus more on business and the economy, but left itself lots of wiggle room.  Nobody's really buying it -- on the left at least.  Color of Change dismissed the announcement (here).  The American Prospect's Abby Rapoport notes that ALEC's latest education publication compares the teachers unions to World War II evildoers Germany and Japan (here).  It's an implicit comparison, but it's there in the opening paragraphs. Image via



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Good, should be reformed.

It’s a little far-fetched, I think, to compare a group of men and women trying to please everybody and come out of the situation with some sort of power to “Nazis”.

By that standard, Ghandi was a Nazi for defying imperialism. ALEC looks a little more ridiculous, at least in my opinion, every day...

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