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Movies: To "Monsier Lazhar," With Love

A school in crisis where no one wants to teach. A mysterious volunteer to take over a teacher-less class.  Unusual methods cause trouble - and intrigue. It's an Oscar-nominated film that's gotten lots of positive reviews (NYT, Slate, Boston Globe).   Links to more clips below, provided by the film's publicists.  Opens this weekend.

Clip – M. Lazhar meets the school principal


Clip – Class photo

Clip – Alice talks about why she loves her school
Interview with director Philippe Falardeau – this is good background

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I'd not heard or seen anything about this movie and thank you for bringing it to my attention. I went to the movie's actual site and read more about the premise. Looks like it will be a tearjerker and that's right up my alley. Here's to hoping they actually show it in a theater near me, though that's rarely the case. Given that it's set in Montreal, about an hour from me, maybe that might bring it to the area.

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