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Media: BIG SIG

image from shopjuicebox.comNow fully engaged in providing content as well as convening and informing education reporters, EWA is pushing out a trio of national SIG stories that will eventually end up in local and national papers.  In a process that sounds vaguely Hechinger-esque (or ALEC-like?), EWA commissioned 17 reporters earlier this year to visit SIG schools in their areas and contribute them to reporters Alyson Klein (Edweek) and Sarah Garland (Hechinger) and some guy named Andrew Brownstein (Thompson).  Then Klein and Garland and Brownstein turned these contributions into big stories, which are going to be shared under embargo with other reporters, who will then adapt or expand them (like with an AP wire story) and publish them next month. Everyone's feeding everyone else.  In Chicago a couple of weeks ago, EWA's Emily Richmond told us:  "The findings are significant, the stories are tremendously well researched and well written, and will be useful to you."  Klein reminded us that the program is under attack in Congress, that lawmakers including George Miller hated it on sight, and that next year's going to be whacky because states will have big-money SIG interventions and their own waiver efforts in place at the same time.Garland mentioned that DOE monitoring reports for its state visits make for excellent if slightly dated reading.  Or, feel free to speculate about if and when lawmakers will try to mash SIG options and the parent trigger together. (I feel like that merger of ideas is unavoidable, if not necessarily wise.)


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