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Media: Gannett Paper Fires "Veteran Education Reporter" For Posting Job Offer

image from img.gawkerassets.comWhat to make of NYU grad student and "veteran education reporter" Khristopher Brooks (pictured) posting a faux press release announcing his job offer from a Gannett newspaper (the Wilmington (Del.) News Journal) and then being fired for using the newspaper's masthead and some sentences from his offer letter? Depending on how you look at it, it's either a cautionary tale about those incessantly self-promoting Millennials and their incredibly bad judgement (Mediabistro) or a sad example of old mainstream fogeys over-reacting to a little bit of online fun and brand building (Gawker).  Perhaps it's a bit of both.  Romenesko broke the story that got Brooks fired here.  Brooks describes the process of being fired and the response since then (including job offers, he says) here


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