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AM News: There Is No Education News Today

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Will Romney Start Talking K-12? Politics K12: You political junkies probably know by now that former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., has suspended his Republican presidential campaign. His daughter is gravely ill, and the delegate math just doesn't add up for him, so this must seem like a good time to bow out. 

Should Teachers Be Disciplined For Online Lives? NPR: Several teachers have been disciplined, and even fired, for their online activities. A Philadelphia teacher was suspended after posting that students acted like "rude, disengaged, lazy whiners." And a Georgia teacher was forced to resign over a Facebook photo that showed her drinking alcohol.

Teacher: I was fired over Trayvon fundraiser NBC:  A Michigan school teacher says she was fired for helping students organize a fundraiser for the family of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed Florida teen fatally shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer. 

Guess which states don’t fund pre-K programs Washington Post: Early education is one of the few school reforms — if not the only one — with extensive research showing its value in academic, social and other ways.


Tenn. bill on evolution and teaching to become law AP via Boston.com: Tennesee's Republican governor says he will let a bill become law effective April 20 that protects teachers who allow students in their classrooms to criticize evolution and other scientific theories, such as global warming.

3 Maryland school workers split Mega Millions win AP via Boston.com: Two public school teachers and a school administrator who call themselves "The Three Amigos" are sharing part of last month's record Mega Millions jackpot, planning for trips to Europe, new homes and their children's college funds, Maryland Lottery officials said Tuesday.

Missouri governor releases education funding AP via Boston.com: Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon moved Tuesday to restore about $6.8 million previously cut from public education programs thanks to a boost in lottery sales from the recent record-high Mega Millions jackpot.

When Test Prep Requires Test Prep NYT: When a fourth-grade student came home with test preparation work, the task of finding the answer to an apparently unanswerable question became a family affair, a WNYC reporter writes.



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Regarding "Should Teachers Be Disciplined for Online Lives" - That's become a big debate in our state when a local police department admitted they were not hiring applicants who would not hand over their Facebook name and password. That seems like such an infringement on privacy laws. There have been situations where teachers have been suspended without pay for making comments against the school administration. I truly disagree with that. It seems to take away a personal forum where someone can vent. While it is slightly different, I don't see venting online as much different to the old watercooler days where office gossip and venting took place.

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