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AM News: NYC Reverses Itself On Closings & Word Ban

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City pulls seven schools with top ratings from turnaround plans GothamSchools: Just days after telling the state that it wanted to “turn around” 33 schools, the city has knocked that number down to 26.

A Turnaround on Turnaround for Seven Schools SchoolBook: The Education Department decided to give seven schools a reprieve, acknowledging that they were on the ascent and should be given more time to continue to improve.

City Revokes Testing Word Ban NYT: Why should pressure groups who won battles a generation ago in other states and regions determine what appears on the tests of New York City? New York City Department of Education officials said late Monday that they were pulling back on a clause in contracts for testing companies that list 50 words and topics that they should avoid in creating new tests.

Arts classes at elementary schools reduced AP:  The percentage of elementary schools with a visual arts class declined from 87 to 83 percent. In drama, the drop was larger: From 20 percent to 4 percent in the 2009-10 school year.


State seeks still more tests for students — and star ratings for schools Chicago Tribune: Like a luxury hotel or a swanky restaurant, your neighborhood school could soon get an elite five-star rating.

Longevity Up in U.S., but Education Creates Disparity, Study Says NYT: The study used government data to rank each American county by health indicators like obesity and premature death, and considered factors like the presence of fast-food restaurants.

At a Bronx Middle School, Reflections on Trayvon and Lost Dreams NYT: Laura Klein, who teaches at a Bronx middle school, says she has had a tough time getting her students interested in current events. But the Trayvon Martin case practically walked into her classroom. 

Federal Anti-Bullying Website Is Expanded, Updated Politics K12: The Obama administration is keeping a focus on anti-bullying efforts, saying today that the year-oldstopbullying.gov website has a whole bunch of new information.

Affirmative Action Ban Upheld AP via NYT: A federal appeals court panel on Monday upheld California’s ban on using race, ethnicity and gender in admitting students to public colleges and universities.

LAUSD will notify parents within 72 hours when teachers are pulled from schools SCPR:  Among the many gripes that have aired during the recent rash of alleged teacher misconduct is that parents were left in the dark as the LAUSD and police have investigated suspected instructors.



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