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AM News: Gates, And Henderson, And Deasy, Oh My!

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Bill Gates: Making Teacher Evaluations Public 'Not Conducive To Openness' NPR:  Gates, whose foundation has promoted education reform, said evaluations are necessary, but they shouldn't be public.

Embattled D.C. School District Has A New Vibe NPR:As NPR's Claudio Sanchez reports, new chancellor Kaya Henderson is trying to build the trust and goodwill she'll need to go forward with her own plans.

L.A. schools chief pushes to change system's culture LAT: Some see John Deasy as a dynamic leader morally driven to give all students a quality education. Others see a relentless taskmaster intolerant of dissent. He admits impatience but otherwise has no apologies.

For Texas Schools, a Year of Doing Without NYT:  Budget cuts have increased class sizes, reduced services and supplies and thinned the ranks of teachers.

Congress says ‘no’ to kids seeking challenge Washington Post: Congress has so far been reluctant to revise its No Child Left Behind law, despite its flaws. The problem may be that the issue has gotten too much attention: Whether legislators loosen or tighten federal controls over public schools, they are going to offend someone.

State Sex Ed Bill Could Prohibit Teaching Contraception, Kissing, Hand-Holding HuffPost: Tennessee lawmakers added language to the state's abstinence-only sex education curriculum that warns against "gateway sexual activity."

What Would Big, Giant Proposed Cuts Mean for Your K-12 Program? Politics K12: So if Congress doesn't stop the big, giant across the board cuts to set to hit (almost) every education program under the sun next January, what would that mean for you?


Long Waiting Lists Again for Kindergarten Seats NYT: More than 2,400 children are on waiting lists to get into kindergarten classes at their zoned New York City public schools in September -- partly as a result of an increase in applications, city officials said.

For Texas Schools, a Year of Doing Without NYT: Budget cuts have increased class sizes, reduced services and supplies and thinned the ranks of teachers.

School vouchers spark growing court fights in US AP via Boston.com: Students like Delano Coffy are at the heart of brewing political fights and court battles over whether public dollars should go to school vouchers to help make private schools more affordable.

Need to Know: Philadelphia's 'Project U-Turn' Aims to 'Recapture' Dropouts PBS: On Friday's "Need to Know," our public media colleagues tell the story of Justin Rudd, a high school dropout who lived on the streets of Philadelphia -- a city where roughly 40 percent of ninth-graders don't mange to graduate in four years.

For at-risk students, veteran mentors are a phone call away Baltimore Sun: National program that connects wounded vets with troubled kids comes to Baltimore



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