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AM News: Somewhat Improved Graduation Rate

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U.S. Graduation Rate Makes Modest Gains AP via HuffPost: The last straw for 17-year-old Alton Burke was a note left on his door. The high school dropout picked up the phone and re-enrolled at South Hagerstown High. ALSO: U.S. Graduation Rate Rises Slightly, Report Finds (NPR)

Violence In Schools: How Big A Problem Is It? NPR: The recent school shooting rampage in Ohio has once again focused national attention on the issue of student violence. But experts say such high-profile incidents overshadow an important trend: Overall, violent crime in U.S. schools has fallen significantly since the early 1990s.

Colorado Students Begin to Learn Financial Discipline PBS: A Colorado law that went into effect last year requires schools to teach public school students about financial responsibility -- from drawing coins and bills to deducting purchases from their classroom bank accounts. Correspondent Tom Bearden reports.

At the PTA, Clashes Over Cupcakes and Culture NYT: Culture clashes in parent-teacher groups are increasingly common at schools where demographics are changing.


Pay to the Order of Public School X ... NYT: Just how expensive is a public school education? SchoolBook and WNYC are turning to readers this week to get a better understanding of the fiscal state of New York City's public schools and how much and how often parents dig into their pockets for supplies, fund-raising auctions, and uniforms. As they say in fund-raising speak: Your contributions will make a major difference.

Racial Lens Used to Cull Curriculum in Arizona NYT: A state law targeting Mexican-American studies courses that are perceived as antiwhite has led to several books being pulled by the Tucson school district.

Transforming the Way Knowledge Is Spread NYT: Beginning in 2001, when the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced it was going to make some of its courses available online, the movement for Open Educational Resource has continued to grow.

CPS food director reportedly accepted gifts from firm she recommended Chicago Tribune: 2 businesses gave 3 employees at least $86,000 in gifts, investigation says

DPS gets U.S. millions for 6 troubled schools -- but has trouble spending it Detroit Free Press: Despite having some of the most urgent needs in the state, the Detroit Public School district has failed to spend a large portion of $6.3 million in federal grant money it received in 2010 to help turn around six of its lowest-performing schools.

LAUSD does its homework LAT: Supt. John Deasy quickly axed the district's first try at a homework policy. The new draft could hardly be more different in its approach, comprehensiveness and overall sanity.


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