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Quotes: The Cost-Effectiveness Of Holding Students Back

If you hold them back, you're going to spend roughly another $10,000 per child for an extra year of schooling. If you spread out that $10,000 over the fourth and fifth grades for extra tutoring, in the long run you're going to get a better outcome.
-- Davide Berliner on renewed state interest in 3rd grade retention

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I fully agree with the above. Additionally, Tutoring, whether Math, reading, science or even languages, or even social science or English, enables the student to catch up and even exceed the average grade level. In the process, the student with a good teacher, in this case a good tutor, will, according to recent studies, greatly increase his/her earnings potential for an entire life. In fact, the study, reported in the NY times, that good teachers enable their students to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars more in their lifetime.

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