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AM News: Obama Urges Govs To Fund Education


Obama urges governors to boost education funding AP via Boston.com: President Barack Obama Monday urged the nation's governors to invest more state resources in education, saying a highly skilled workforce is crucial for the U.S. to remain competitive with other countries.

Regulations Would Link Teacher-Prep Quality, Aid Eligibility TeacherBeat: A set of draft federal regulations under discussion this week proposes requiring states to classify their teacher-preparation programs into four categories.

Ohio districts await Kasich's new funding formula AP via Boston.com: How much does it cost to properly educate Ohio schoolchildren? What percentage of taxpayer dollars should go into classrooms or reading help, counseling or the arts? Should struggling districts get more than comfortable ones? How much more?

Officials: Student brain dead in Ohio shooting AP:  A student wounded in an Ohio school shooting has been declared brain dead, authorities said Tuesday, the second reported fatality in an attack that began when a teenager opened fire in the cafeteria at a suburban Cleveland high school a day earlier....


Texas District Embarks On Widespread iPad Program To Close Digital Divide AP via HuffPost: A Texas school district is trying to close its digital divide by distributing thousands of Apple tablet computers in a move that could make it the largest iPads program for students in the nation.

Highland Park Schools Keep Doors Open Despite Financial Turmoil HuffPost: Only $40,000 remained in the school's account last week, and teachers faced a payless payday Friday, as administrators and state legislators in Lansing scrambled for a plan to keep kids in class without fronting the district any more money.
Voucher students improve on reading, study finds Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: A sample of students in Milwaukee's private voucher schools made gains in reading in 2010-'11 that were significantly higher than those of a matched sample of peers in Milwaukee Public Schools, but math achievement remained the same last school year, according to the results of a multiyear study tracking students in both sectors.

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Given the facts that we rank number two in the world in per-student spending, and that we are still facing massive deficits in this country, a needed message is how to spend our education dollars more wisely, rather than to simply spend more of them. Such being our reality, a programme worth watching is SABER, an effort of the World Bank that will systematically compare how various education systems are spending their money, in an attempt to learn how to do so most efficiently. I have my eye on this one, and intend to apply it to One World Secondary School's planned expenditure (once we have some money to spend).

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