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AM News: Waiver Expansion, Waiver Concerns

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New Mexico freed from federal school rating law AP: New Mexico is becoming the latest state to free itself from an unpopular federal system of rating public schools.

3rd-Round Waiver Deadline Set, Short-Term NCLB Relief Offered Politics K12: States that need more time to develop their proposal for a waiver under the No Child Left Behind Act can now request a one-year freeze in their annual achievement targets to keep the list of schools not making adequate yearly progress from growing.

Big Changes Ahead For American Schools? NPR: President Obama's 2013 budget calls for a $5 billion competitive grant to get states to overhaul teacher evaluations and training programs. 

In Heartland Institute Leak, a Plan to Discredit Climate Teaching NYT: Disclosed files from the nonprofit Heartland Institute outline a plan to undermine the teaching of global warming in public schools, and they identify some corporate donors.

New analysis makes case for higher ranking for U.S. schools USA Today: New analysis of international data suggests that using rankings to sort global educational winners from losers is often misguided.


City Gives $5.7 Million to Principals in Bonuses NYT: The city distributed $5.7 million in performance bonuses to principals and assistant principals this year, based on rankings of their students' test scores and graduation rates, the same criteria used to assign letter grades to schools. Principals at 17 schools that ranked in the top one percent received the maximum bonus of $25,000.

Patrick announces $280,000 in grants to help schools alter curriculums Boston.com: Governor Deval Patrick announced more than $280,000 in state grants to help schools in districts across the state retool their curriculum. The money will fund planning for 29 schools to explore converting to the so-called innovation school model, which gives local educators more control over programs and school schedules, similar to charter schools. 

Ohio High School Paying Students To Show Up, Behave In Class HuffPost: A Cincinnati high school is paying its students to go to school.

Utah Lawmaker Proposes Giving Public Education Money Directly To Students, Not Schools HuffPost: Funding for public education could go directly to the pockets of students, instead of to schools, under a proposal in the Utah legislature.

Obese children outgrowing school furniture CNN: In middle school, Taylor LeBaron struggled to fit into his seat. The desks in class had a ceramic plate attached to the chair.



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