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AM News: Duncan Unveils $5B Teacher Proposal

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White House Proposes $5 Billion in Grants to Overhaul Teaching NYT: The Obama administration’s proposed program would seek to bring together officials, union leaders and educators to address issues such as tenure and salaries. ALSO Duncan Champions New Teacher Quality Fund Politics K12, Plan Offers $5 Billion to Improve Teaching WSJ

Officials: Bullying debate in Minn. brought change AP via Boston.com: Leaders in Minnesota's largest school district said the long debate over how teachers should handle discussions about sexual orientation probably had a bigger impact than a new policy will.

Third Grade Again The Atlantic: When a child repeats a grade, it reflects positively on the district. But for the individual, it can be an irreversible step backward.  

Home-schooling demographics change, expand USA Today: Though many parents have religious reasons for choosing to home-school their children, the number of secular home schools is growing.

Teacher Proposals in the Fiscal 2013 Budget Teacher Beat: Wondering what the U.S. Department of Education has in mind for teacher-quality programs in its budget request? Here's a cheat sheet of the major themes—though keep in mind that the chances of any of this happening lie in the hands of appropriators.



R.I. Student Draws Ire Over School Prayer Challenge NPR: A student in Cranston, R.I., sued the city over a banner in the high school auditorium. She started receiving death threats after a federal judge ruled in her favor, ordering the banner removed. The school board is expected to decide Thursday whether to appeal the judge's ruling.

Affluent Foreign-Born Parents in N.Y. Prefer Public Schools NYT: Affluent foreign-born parents in New York City are sending their children to public schools in much greater proportion than native-born parents with the same incomes.

City to Release Teacher Ratings After Union Loses Suit NYT: New York City education officials are preparing to publicly release the ratings of 12,700 teachers in the coming weeks, following a court's denial of the city teachers' union's appeal. The union on Tuesday lost what what officials said was probably the final round in its battle to keep the ratings private.

Va. Senate defeats proposal to end teacher tenure protections Washington Post: The Virginia Senate on Tuesday narrowly rejected a bill to end tenure-related job protections for public school teachers, dealing a significant setback to Gov. Robert F. McDonnell’s education agenda.


NEWS: Month after turnaround news, official applications still not done GothamSchools: More than a month after Mayor Bloomberg announced that he would fulfill a state requirement by overhauling 33 struggling schools, the city still has not officially informed the state of its plans.


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The White House's proposal to overhaul teaching as a profession through a competitive grant program is an excellent idea. Let's hope they get good people, including experienced teachers, to contribute ideas to making this work, rather than just convening teacherless confabs in the manner usual in education policy circles.

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