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Five Best Blogs: Back In The Saddle (For Some)

19_edithsgoodbye_190x190Best and worst in education Rick Kahlenberg:  Sen. Tom Harkin deserves kudos for supporting integration and magnet schools as one of the federal options available for turning around failing schools.

The Central Falls Success Joe Nocera (NYT):  Central Falls, though, also has one of the most promising reading experiments in the country. The Learning Community, a local charter school, and the Central Falls public elementary schools have joined forces in a collaboration that has resulted in dramatic improvements in the reading scores of the public schoolchildren from kindergarten to grade 2.

NCLB’s Lost Decade Report FairTest:  The federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law “failed badly both in terms of its own goals and more broadly,” leading to a decade of educational stagnation. That is the central conclusion of a major new report marking NCLB’s tenth anniversary.  President George W. Bush signed the program into law on January 8, 2002. 
A Year of Frustration Over Schools WSJ:  At the end of the year, none of [Christie's] proposed bills have been passed. In radio interviews Thursday, he said the stalling of his education agenda has been his biggest disappointment.
Why the press promotes the powerful, marginalizes dissent Parents Across America: It would be a good thing if the mainstream media’s most powerful voices would somehow experience an epiphany and learn to exercise actual skepticism, not the mindless pseudo-skepticism displayed by giving full credibility to billionaires who attack public education.
Pell Grants Suffer a Serious Setback CAP:  What this latest negotiation actually compromises is the future of many hard-working students who are struggling to complete their educations and put their best foot forward in one of the worst economic climates this country has experienced.
Breakdown in NYC negotiations on teacher evaluations DFER:  The reaction from the State Education Department has been swift, with Commissioner John King stating that he was "left with no choice but to suspend SIG funding" to New York City.
NAACP resolution on charter schools Mike Klonsky: The NAACP rejects the emphasis on charter schools as the vanguard approach for the education of children, instead of focusing attention, funding, and policy advocacy on improving existing, low performing public schools and will work through local, state and federal legislative processes to ensure that all public schools are provided the necessary funding, support and autonomy necessary to educate all students
The Difference Between Insult and Argument Rick Hess:  Insult is about venting. It's not intended to convince or persuade; it's not really even intended to engage with others. Argument, on the other hand, is an attempt to engage with other people as reasoning minds. It presumes that opponents and third parties are reasonable people who might be persuaded to change their minds.

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