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AM News: Teachers' Impact, Management's Expansion

News imageBig Study Links Good Teachers to Lasting Gain NYT:  Effects on students’ lives beyond academics, in areas as varied as teenage-pregnancy and adult earnings, are cited.

Report: Education management sector expanding AP:  A new report finds that even in a tough economy, companies that are contracted to manage charter schools and other public schools are expanding.
Students of Virtual Schools Are Lagging in Proficiency NYT:  Far fewer of them are proving proficient on standardized tests compared with their peers in other privately managed charter schools and in traditional public schools.
After Texas school shooting, many questions loom Associated Press: On a doorstep outside a family home, a father wondered why police had to shoot his son in the hall of the boy's middle school. In an office across town, a police chief insisted that his officers had no choice.

House to Release Teacher, Accountability Bills This Week Politics K12: The House education committee will put out draft bills this week that address the issues at the heart of the reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act—teacher quality and accountability, Rep. John Kline, R-Minn., said this morning on Bill Bennett's radio show "Morning in America." ALSO:  CCSSO to Congress, Obama: Write a Bipartisan NCLB Bill


Hundreds Of Students Caught Cheating At 'Exemplary' School HuffPost: Hundreds of high school seniors in Texas were caught cheating on their final exams last month. Now, officials at the southeast Houston Clear Creek Independent School District are investigating how around 200 students at Clear Lake High School acquired test answers before the exam in December.

Phila. School District eliminates position of liaison to those suffering loss Inquirer via Philly.com: The Philadelphia School District's "guardian angel," Victoria Yancey, who held counseling workshops for district employees, lost her job and joined thousands already laid off.

Howard school superintendent unveils proposed budget Baltimore Sun: $697 million proposal adds new positions to address growing enrollment

Playtime for preschoolers essential, study says CNN: Preschoolers in child care centers aren't spending enough time playing outdoors and just being kids, according to a new study published in this week's Pediatrics journal.

 New Study Likely to Roil Teacher Value Debate NYT:  A new, large national study finds that teachers who help raise their students' test scores have a lasting impact on their lives, including increasing their earnings, lowering their chances of a teenage pregnancy and improving their likelihood of enrolling in college.


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Don't you think the states, via their CCSSO letter to President Obama and the Congress, are making rather expansive claims for states' rights, which is rather ironic given their ten years' worth of efforts to scuttle meaningful reform as reported by Andrew Rotherham in his "Time" piece earlier today? In spite of their self-congratulatory tone for having cranked out standards in English and mathematics, and, significantly, in only those subjects, their letter still amounts to "trust us" to define educational accountability, which is in their collective interest but not clearly in the public's. And the debate is focusing on the wrong terms and concepts. I wish, instead, there were some focus on helping families to get their children educated, as there is in the Australian federal government's assistance in the form of (family income-based) reimbursements to private schools for the expenses incurred in educating students choosing to attend them.

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