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AM News: Setback In Hawaii's Progress On "Race"

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Hawaii Teachers Reject Contract Politics K12: Hawaii is already in big trouble with the U.S. Department of Education for failing to hit key milestones the state promised to deliver as part of its $75 million Race to the Top prize. 

In Teacher-Evaluation Fight, One Deal Won’t Be Enough WSJ: State education and union officials said they had initiated formal talks, the first public sign the two sides were working together after a threat from Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

In Obama’s Race to the Top, Work and Expense Lie With States NYT (Winerip): The president’s education program leaves a New York school district pondering how band teachers can be statistically evaluated.

More Agreement Than Disagreement on How to Assess Teachers NYT: Disagreements between unions and politicians on how best to assess teachers are not as significant as the amount of agreement.

Defending Climate Science's Place In The Classroom NPR: NCSE executive director Eugenie Scott talks about how teachers and parents can fight the push to get climate change denial into the classroom.

Growing tech students: A new high school model CNN: Despite the nation’s high unemployment rate, IBM executives say they have a hard time filling those positions because few candidates have the backgrounds in math and science to qualify. IBM hopes to change that by fostering future employees among high school students.


Atlanta Schools To Repay $363,000 For Cheating NPR: A state investigation in July revealed widespread cheating by educators in nearly half of the Atlanta's 100 schools dating back to 2001. Now, the district will return money won by educators who cheated on tests. It also has agreed to tutor students affected by the scandal, which could cost $4 million.

Sharing a Computer Screen, if Not a Classroom NYT: For schools that have trouble finding volunteers willing to visit, newly designed software is allowing tutors to meet with beginning readers online.

Chicago teachers deliver their union demands Chicago Tribune: The Chicago Teachers Union submitted a list of demands to the Chicago Public Schools on Friday as they and district administrators embark on what is likely to become months of grueling contract negotiations.

Vt school district considering laptops for pupils Boston.com: School officials in Vermont's largest city are considering providing portable computers or iPads to all 1,900 middle and high school students in the Burlington district.



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