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Research: You Can't Compare NCLB To A Massive Meteor Strike

image from img.thedailyblend.netI admit that I haven't read the report and only just skimmed this EdWeek writeup but don't think I need to in order to state that I find it hard to believe that anyone would try and compare the passage of NCLB to the meteor strikes that, according to some, ended the era of dinosaurs on the planet and began the transformative process that's led us to the present, non-dinosaur world that we inhabit now.  Even if we allow for some creative license, the comparison just doesn't hold up.  The meteor strike was bad; it ended dinosaurs.  NCLB was good; it ended lazy teachers.  The meteor strike had effects that lasted for a while; NCLB was over (politically) within months of being signed into law.  Etc.  OK maybe I should actually read what Schneider wrote. Image via


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I didn't read the article but your description is way off. NCLB did more to end quality teachers rather than lazy teachers. Lazy teachers were reinforced: all they had to do was teach to the test for two subjects and go home. Quality teachers had to abandon creative and engaging instruction for rote instruction. Many of them quit rather than lose their professional status.

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