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Magazines: They're Monetizing High School Football

image from www.newyorker.comThere's an education-related story in this week's New Yorker that might be worth checking out if you've ever come into contact with high school sports programs and realized how powerful even small ones can be.

"Halloy is monetizing high-school football, spawning a new class of nationally touring high-school teams," notes the story, which chronicles a New Jersey school that's become a football powerhouse.  

Education types don't like to talk about it a lot but sports programs can play a big role in education and budget issues at schools and in districts, whether it's scheduling, school consolidation, or district consolidation.  

It's not just happening in Texas or on Friday Night Lights.  


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We've been reviewing for quarterly finals this week, and I was looking for a fun, engaging activity for reviewing slope with my Algebra I students.

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