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Five Best Blogs: "Race To The Top" Refuses To Die

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Race to the Top Likely to Stick Around Politics K12: Race to the Top would be funded in the bill, soon to be introduced. For the first time it would include a district-level competition, sources say. 

January 7: National Opt Out Day teacherken: Posting for your information a message that is being widely distributed among some educational lists and Facebook groups (see image). 

Santorum Concerned Gay Marriage Will Be Taught In Schools HuffPost:  Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said he is concerned about legalized gay marriage spilling over into lessons in the classroom, during ...

U.S. school excuses challenged Jay Mathews: The percentage of resilient students in the United States is below the PISA average. Twenty-seven countries, including Mexico, are ahead of us.  

Why Should We Care About Integrating Schools? GOOD (Bill Kurtz): We need to put as many resources into opening high-performing, economically and racially integrated public schools as we do into schools that focus solely on low-income students.


Left Behind? Andy Rotherham:  It’s ironic that the region most likely to appreciate the importance of school improvement is the one most overlooked in the current reform conversation.

Wisconsin Unions Do Well in Recertification Elections (EIA) Mike Antonucci: I suppose with each side having equal ability to cheat, it creates a sort of balance of honesty. There is no reason to believe any fraud occurred in this election, but it would probably be a smart move for the state to institute better safeguards for the next round. 

Ryan Gosling Once Brought Steak Knives To School, Thought He Was Rambo HuffPost:  "When I firstsaw Rambo, that movie put a kind of spell on me and I actually thought I WAS Rambo," said Gosling.



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