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AM News: What To Do With Hawaii?


Michelle Rhee On 'Take No Prisoners' Approach NPR:  A year ago, she started StudentsFirst, a group formed in response to increasing demands for a better public education system in America.

Pressure Mounts on Hawaii in Race to Top EdWeek: Teacher evaluation proves among the toughest issues as Hawaii seeks to put its $75 million Race to the Top grant into effect.

L.A. school board ends preference practice at charter schools LAT: The admission preference had been offered by two popular charter schools overseen by the L.A. Unified School District.

Florida Charter Schools Failing Disabled Students NPR:  Despite state and federal laws requiring charter schools to give equal access to students with severe disabilities, most charter schools in Florida have few of these students on their roster. 

Bill Eyes Diploma, Progress to GED for Unemployment Benefits Politics K-12: The U.S. House of Representatives is set to consider a bill that would require those seeking Unemployment Insurance to have a high school diploma or GED—or be working toward one—in order to receive those benefits. 

$1B in new cuts for Calif. schools, services USA Today: Tax revenue are $2.2 billion below projections made this summer when the budget passed.


Poor Texas schools file 3rd lawsuit against state AP (Boston Globe): A group of Texas schools filed the third lawsuit against the state over school funding Tuesday, alleging that the system of paying for public education is inequitable for all students and inadequate for those who are low-income or still learning English.

12 New CPS-Proposed Charter Schools Met With Some Community Concern HuffPost: Chicago Public Schools announced Monday their plan to open 12 new charter schools throughout the city over the course of the next two years while, at the same time, the system is aiming to close, phaseout or "turnaround" several neighborhood schools.

Lunch prices go up for children of U.S. troops stationed overseas CNN: When children of American servicemembers who are living with their parents overseas go back to school after the holidays, the Grinch will be waiting for them in the cafeteria.

Slipping Out Of The Middle Class Can Hit Kids Hard NPR:  The number of American children who qualify for free or reduced school lunches has surged in the economic downturn. For many of those children, it may be the first time they fully understand their family's changing economic situation.

Does School Choice Really Help Students? NPR: More than 2 million children currently attend charter schools, and that number is growing. But not everyone thinks the move away from public schools is best for students. Host Michel Martin speaks with one critic, Natalie Hopkinson. She's a contributing editor for The Root, and has two kids attending schools in the Washington, D.C. area.


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Not on today's subject, from from a few weeks ago, you were talking about Bullis Charter School in Los Altos, CA (and the Bloomberg article).

Here is an update to that ongoing saga. Certain concerned parents now have a website for information:


This is what we think of a Charter owned by billionaires bent on closing our local public schools...

HI -
I believe that this web site was created by David Cortwright, who also posts as Harold Barton and JJStrong among many others. He really can rant, but most of his information is incorrect and he really doesn't understand charter school law. All let you be the judge. The best place to find out more information is to visit the BCS website.

BCS is a terrific school that has been unfairly attacked.

Hi Lynn,

If Mr. Cortwright wishes to sue BCS and its supporters (turning the tables on them for the first time ever) that would be great. We will support him in his endeavors. He might have a great case for libel with absurd and false statements like this.

He has his own blog (kpao.org), and while critical of BCS and its legion indoctrinated robots like yourself, he is not a parent and has his own take on the situation.

Bullis Charter threatens THOUSANDS of kids and THOUSANDS of parents in our community. BCS supporters state plainly that they think that public schools are WRONG and EVIL and should be replaced with privately-controlled Charter schools aka themselves. No parent in our two towns are immune to the threat of BCS.

In that light, BCS supporters attempt to convince the public that even though they want to close all of our public schools, there is actually only ONE PERSON (a non-parent) in our entire town that cares about this.

All the other parents in Los Altos and Hills, according to the BCS world-view, don't care about the school where they volunteered their time and money and would be more than happy to see it move into private hands.

They RELISH the idea of their children's education being disrupted and their kids torn from their friends and their community. They absolutely ADORE the fact that a bunch of egomaniac billionaires continually sue our public schools because they had a personal fight with some district administrators many years ago.

This is what BCS supporters apparently think: it's typical disconnected arrogance.

Meanwhile, after only a few weeks our information site is already getting THOUSANDS of hits per day . I guess Mr. Cortwrite must be pretty busy making up all of that traffic, pretending that he comes from all over our district and beyond, and sending us dozens of encouraging messages every day.

Yep, he's quite a superman this David Cortwrite character.

Or maybe the only thing "super" here is BCS arrogance.

-- BullisCharterScam.org

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