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Update: Former Obama Official Heads Org. Behind "Opportunity Nation"

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@oppnation       Opportunity Nation is a new entity -- seems like there's one of them announced every other week or so --  and it's not actually an organization but rather a campaign run by an organization called Be The Change, Inc, headed by former USDE staffer Kevin Jennings (pictured), that "seeks to make progress on stalemated issues in our society by bringing together broad and diverse coalitions of organizations and leveraging their collective assets toward a common goal."  They previously did ServiceNation.  Education reform is a big part of increasing opportunity, as you can imagine.  They did a kickoff event in NYC a couple of weeks ago (without inviting me) -- attendees included MA gov. Duval Patrick and controversial pastor Rick Warren -- at which they put out a big report about how limited opportunities are in each state.  They have roughly 200 member organizations, including represenatives of both parties, and they say they plan to push for increased opportunities through at least the 2012 campaigns. Funders include AARP, Ford, and a slew of others.


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