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Five Best Blogs: Mass Layoffs (& Ending LIFO) Didn't Happen


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Teacher layoffs: Did the sky fall or not? NCTQ:  In the 74 districts that responded, around 9,545 teachers--about 2.5 percent of the total number of teachers in these districts--were actually laid off.

Are teachers overpaid? Fordham:  Teachers take a pay cut of roughly 3% when they leave the profession, while new entrants actually see a raise of almost 9% compared to their previous non-teaching job. 

Teacher Looping in Chicago and Beyond ChicagoMag:  In short, looping means trading some familiarity with subject matter for familiarity with students. The literature is thin, but there are suggestions it's a worthwhile trade.

Make study more effective, the easy way Lifehacker:  We should be thinking hard, always, about how to create teaching experiences in which students are more active, and about creating courses in which students are permitted and encouraged to come up with their own organisation of material, rather than just forced to regurgiate ours. 

Reed Hastings is Right Title I Derland: Transitioning from a command and control district to a charter district could take a city a decade to do right. But it will give power to schools and educators, where the power – and the accountability – belongs.


Kids Lie to Get on Facebook Atlantic Wire:  All of these systems fall apart when parents are helping their children get full access to Facebook and not keeping track of how they're using it. The problem of underage kids ending up on sites they shouldn't is also not just limited to Facebook, nor is it the specific responsibility of the government, the social network or parents  to find a solution.

Start in Early Grades with Strategies to Avoid Suspending Students New America:  The authors found that California has a 13 percent suspension and expulsion rate, the highest of the states they examined and twice that of Texas

Blogging the Stanford Machine Learning Class Slate:  So far, the course has dealt primarily with problems where we have a bunch of data—mostly housing prices—in which our job is to find an algorithm to “fit” the data as best as possible. Are you bored yet? I was a little bored. 

What Does A “Significant Effect” Mean? Shanker Blog: It’s best to think of them as “statistically discernible relationships.” They can be big or small, they’re not necessarily causal, and they can vary widely in terms of precision. 

The Scariest High School Elective Ever The Awl: I have no idea how Buddy was qualified to teach the class, other than the fact that he knew a lot of cops and had a friend who was supposedly some kind of former spy. 


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Thanks, Alexander.
I think you must post such lists more often: there are lots of good, but unheard blogs in edu-niche, which we can discover only through the most popular ones, such as yours. :)

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