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Hol[i]days: Happy Thanksgiving

image from s3.amazonaws.comThanks to everyone who reads, comments, and sends things to this site -- I appreciate your input even when I don't agree with a word you're saying.  Thanks also to my fellow bloggers and blowhards, who provide me with material to recommend (or mock) every day.  And of course none of this would happen without the education journalists who make the calls and read the reports and deal with the stupid editors' memories about what happened to THEM when they were in 5th grade.  And to the nice folks at Scholastic Administrator who sponsor this site, and Avi and John my excellent contributors.  Last but not least, thanks to the teachers and administrators and parents who are out there in schools every day, doing their best (most of the time) at what everyone agrees is a very challenging job to do well.  You don't need my thanks, of course, but I'm giving it anyway.  See everyone on Monday. 


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Happy Thanksgiving, then, everybody.

This sweet clip goes out to the 1%, from all the other 299 million of us.

Peace out. (Just for this one day, though.)

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